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Metaverse Update - Part I
Hello Travellers! The first part of the Metaverse Update was released last week. This new update will be released in several parts in the coming weeks. What i...
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Tempestra Update
Hello! The Tempestra Update is now live, adding a new hidden system, new enemies and a new boss. You can find the entrance to the new system in the Xintho sys...
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Alpha 0.7.0 - Rendezvous Update
Hi! The Rendezvous Update brings new encounters, UI improvements, new cards and equipment. Other small content updates will also drop in the coming days. New ca...
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Alpha 0.6.3 - New cards, more balance changes and options
Hello! This version brings some new content, features and fixes, so here it goes: Two new cards, and a new mechanic called Synergy . In this case Uncommon Syn...
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Alpha 0.6.2 - The Balance update
Hello! This version brings a long list of card changes, new enemy mechanics and bug fixes. Several equipment cards are no working correctly Ignite now deals 2 d...
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Alpha 0.6.0 introducing a new playable ship
Hi! The 3rd playable ship is now available, you just need to defeat the boss in the 3rd system to unlock it! It's a knife-drone carrier, so the starting deck on...
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Alpha 0.5.1 and upcoming content
Hello! First I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback and support during the First Access and now the Steam early access launch. A small up...
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For The Warp is out on Steam!
For The Warp is out on Steam early access! If you bought the game on itch you should be able to claim your steam key. If anyone is having trouble finding it, ju...